Y2K baby palette

Assemble your crew: it's time to make Y2K your new normal! Our Y2K baby palette comes with a full crew-- 4 glosses, a blush, and an eye-popping eyeshadow set featuring the nostalgic bright colors of the early 2000s. Plus, a butterfly stamp-- because our Y2K dreams never die! Get ready to party like it's 1999 (again).
4 lipgloss 
butterfly eyeliner stamp 
3 blushes 
18 eyeshadow shades 


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Customer Reviews

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SO SO CUTE, V PIGMENTED I absolutely love Nekoyanin products, guaranteed quality in every one. The eyeliner is gorgeous, the nib is solid but the eyeliner is in the tip so you can get very precise lines. My one and only small qualm is how hard it is to get the lip glosses out. There is a small ribbon under the eyeliner to pop it out, but no such for the lip glosses. This made them very hard to retrieve from the packaging. I managed to get them out by shimmying it with a nail file, but I wish they could've included a way to get them out. Still, they're very cute, and the whole kit is giving 2000's flawlessly!

Sad to see it go, looking forward to what’s next:)

This is the only bundle we didn’t open. It’s a Christmas gift for the baby fashionista. My partner and I looked at it and it has so much to offer! Perfect for gifts like we plan. Really hoping you come out with maybe a new one each year kind of like this. It really is perfect to gift to others who may not know about you. But as I said before, I’m hooked on your make up. Out of 4 sensitive makeup users in the home, none had reactions, no dry itchy spots or hives. That is a testament to your brand. Looking forward to all you do in the future!

Tori E.
Mostly A Dream Come True

I’m prefacing this by saying that I love Nekoyanin’s products! They’re all very cute, and the variety of different things to choose from makes my brain go brrr in a good way. ^^

I bought Y2K baby, because I am, in fact, a Y2K baby myself. That, and because I loooooove butterflies—that little stamp is going in all my looks now, on god. The color story is wonderful, the lipglosses smell pretty, and the nostalgic feeling of this palette really captures what it was like to be a kid in the early 2000s for me. It reminds me of this little makeup set I had, but without the weird hair extensions, magic braid maker, and hair crimper that came with it. I loved that thing so much, so this palette holds a special place in my heart already.

My only issue with it, and this is not a huge issue despite it ripping out my soul when it happened, is that it is very hard to get out both the lipglosses and the stamp—I ended up being a dummy and trying to get the stamp out with a spudger after the ribbon ripped out right away, and I damaged the palette. It’s just pretty cardboard (cardstock?), but man, I didn’t want a dent smack dab in the center. That’s not Nekoyanin’s fault, though. For future things like this, though, if there’s a way to make it easier to remove extra parts with your hands, it might be helpful to include. Being 5’0”, my hands are very tiny, so I’m surprised I could barely get the glosses out. >.<“”

Also, word of warning for anyone else with sensory issues, but don’t over-apply the glosses. They taste a little plastic-y, and that taste lasts for a very long time. They don’t feel awful, though, so genuinely, thank you for not bringing back the nostalgia for cheap, sticky gloss.

With all that said, I love this palette. Hopefully, I can come up with the perfect look with its colors very soon. ♥︎


I am so glad I got this before it was discontinued!


So glad I grabbed one of these before they’re gone! The eyeshadows are so pigmented and the eyeliner is really resistant and pigmented. Lipglosses are also cute and smell good.

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